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Dive site North Twin Plateau consists out of several granite boulders surrounded with aquatic species.

Name Dive Site:North Twin Plateau
Depth: 15-40m (49-131ft)
Inserted/Added by: asiawhale

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Located just northwest of North Twin, this large North Twin Plateau starts at around six-meters and carries on down to between 24 and 30-meters. It's quite a large dive site, and it's best to start in the deeper areas and find an interesting vein to explore as you move towards the surface. There are a lot of beautiful huge sea funs. The clear water helps this comparison. Barracuda and rainbow runners cruise the outer edges of the reef, and sandbar sharks have been sighted here. Sometime we can found large creature like whale shark and manta ray.

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Name: burma_liveaboards

North Twin Plateau is a separate dive site one kilometer to the northwest of North Twin Island. Here a series of granite boulders descend down from 15m past 40m. The dive site is spread out, deep and subject to currents so is not really a beginners dive site. It attracts lots of pelagic fish such as rainbow runners, trevally and blue fin tuna as well as reef sharks in the deeper areas. Tiera batfish are often cruising around in open water as are giant barracuda. Visibility at these dive sites is generally excellent averaging 20m but often more.

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