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Just north of Great Swindon Island you can dive at Three Islets or Three Stooges, a chain of three small islands.

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Three Islets or Three Stooges is a chain of three islands located two kilometers north of Great Swindon Island. Many Burma dive boat operators know it as Shark Cave, named after the most popular dive site in this area.

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Name: asiawhale

One of the most extraordinary dive sites, the three rocks named Shark Cave (OK Rock) that rise out of the sea from depths of 40-meters or more, harbors some of the best marine life in the archipelago. Huge schools of fusilier and silversides surround you upon entering the water. The sandy base of the islands reveals unusual anemones and starfish, while the walls are covered with orange cup corals, whip corals, and green tubastrea coral. It is one of the better areas to see harlequin shrimp and harlequin ghost pipe fish.

For the thrill seekers there is a huge canyon to the north of the middle island and leads to a cave at around 16 meters, the entrance is usually guarded by several grey reef sharks that may lose their shyness and swim up to you if you stay quiet and motionless. The tunnel is around 20 meters long and has many cup corals and sponges along its walls.

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