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The Mergui Archipelago has over 800 different pristine islands all perfect for excellent liveaboard trips.

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The Mergui Archipelago or Myeik Archipelago is the best known dive area in Myanmar. Its gateway is Kawthaung (Ko Song by the Thai and Victoria Point by westerns), a nice village where tourists apply for visas and wait before they can start their live-aboard experience. You will also meet many day visitors from Ranong who spent a day shopping in Myanmar. The archipelago offers many in dense rainforest covered islands, excellent coral reefs and unexplored sheltered coves and bays. Most are uninhabited but some of the larger house Moken sea gypsies which still live of fishing and farming as they did centuries ago. Many dive boats have kayaks and snorkeling equipment and allow you to explore the islands and white beaches. Popular islands include Lampis Island and Lumpi island which are relatively untouched and filled with tropical birds such as hornbills, parrots and wildlife including deer, crocodiles and tigers.

The waters in Myanmar are some of the richest in the world. Coral life is healthy, fish life is prolific and invertebrates are numerous. Unfortunately, dynamite fishing, trawling, shells collecting and poisoning fishing are serious threats to many of its pristine reefs. The military government has not taken any action whatsoever to maintain these underwater beauties. We hope this will start as soon as possible to maintain this scuba paradise for future dive enthusiasts.

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