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  1. Black Rock : Black Rock is a single rock located in the middle of nowhere and one of the best dive sites in Myanmar.
  2. Fan Forest Pinnacle : Fan Forest Pinnacle or Rocky Peaks is a steep pinnacle famous because of its many orange fan corals.
  3. Freak Island : Freak Island is a muck diving paradise with many critters and loads of fish roaming the rich waters.
  4. High Rock : High Rock is a popular dive site well recognized because of its single huge tree on top of the rock.
  5. North Little Torres Island : North Little Torres Island is one of the most northern dive sites in the Mergui Archipelago.
  6. North Rock Island : The walls around North Rock Island are steep and filled with marine and coral life.
  7. North Twin Island : North Twin Island is located more offshore than most islands in the Mergui Archipelago offering cleaner and quieter waters.
    1. North Twin Pinnacle : North Twin Pinnacle is scuba diving at boulders covered in the best soft and hard corals ever seen.
    2. North Twin Plateau : Dive site North Twin Plateau consists out of several granite boulders surrounded with aquatic species.
  8. South Twin Island : South Twin Island is one of the islands situated far offshore and with often excellent visibilities.
  9. Three Islets, Three Stooges : Just north of Great Swindon Island you can dive at Three Islets or Three Stooges, a chain of three small islands.
    1. Pinnacle : Dive site the pinnacle is a small coral head small enough to be dived on a single dive.
    2. Shark Cave : Shark Cave is a wicked cave with chambers, caverns and even a tunnel that exits the island.
    3. Square Rock : Square Rock is a dive site with spectacular walls and incredible marine life beneath the surface.
    4. West Three Islets : Dive site West Three Islets is a nice steep wall dive with orange cup coral and thousands of inhabitants.
  10. Tower Rock : Dive site Tower Rock is diving at a steep drop-off where you can expect from huge Manta Rays to small nudibranchs.
  11. West Canister : West Canister is a popular dive sites in the north of the Mergui Archipelago near Freak Island.
  12. Western Rocky Island : Western Rocky Island is a small group of pinnacles reaching the surface and with exceptional healthy coral down at its base.